Monday, July 20, 2009

eInfrastructure Use Cases (EIUs Project)

This eInfrastructure Use Cases and service usage models project out of the UK looks exciting. I really like the idea of sharing workflows and research objects in myExperiment -- repurposing these kinds of data and workflows will enable much richer forms of research and scholarship.

Reading about the service-oriented, shareable approach reminded me of Richard Baraniuk's inspirational talk at the 2009 Canadian E-Learning Conference. The more we can look at flexible and sustainable ways of sharing research and educational information, the more potential there is for furthering the connections between disciplines, delivery mechanisms, and content areas.

EIUs Project Videos

Archaeology : eIUS e-Infrastructure Case Study
See the YouTube video.

Bioinformatics : eIUS e-Infrastructure Case Study
See the YouTube video.

PIctorial COmmunication Language (PICOL)

I just stumbled across a neat online library of icons called PICOL; I think I'm going to experiment and give it a try. In many cases, simple visual ways of communicating just seem so much more effective, especially when there is a standard in place to help create consistency and usability.

My PICOL image:
(translation: social network + globe = full group)

According to the PIctorial COmmunication Language website, "PICOL stands for PIctorial COmmunication Language and is a project to find a standard and reduced sign system for electronic communication. PICOL is free to use and open to alter."