Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What are "Emerging Educational Technologies"?

I'm currently writing a book chapter on problems of evidence-based decision-making regarding emerging educational technologies, with Mount Royal University's Digital Initiatives Librarian, Richard Hayman, for publication in 2014.

We've found a few definitions and discussions of Emerging Technologies in higher education, including Edna F. Einsiedel's (2009) book on Emerging Technologies: From Hindsight to Foresight. We've also explored George Veletsianos' book, Emerging Technologies in Distance Education. And, of course, there is the well-known Horizon Report's discussion of emerging ed tech and trend forecasting. We're interested in finding recent (esp. academic) discussions of emerging technologies and convergence in higher education settings, specifically.

How do you define emerging educational technologies? Any recommended (academic) sources discussing emerging educational technologies? And, what problems of evidence do you encounter with emerging educational technologies?

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