Thursday, June 3, 2010

iPad circa 1988

The buzz surrounding Apple's iPad continues to grow, especially since it's become available in Canada this week. Reportedly, Apple's surpassed the 2 million mark in iPad sales. But is this really the "game-changer" people are touting it to be?

Photo credit: Rego on Creative Commons

It's amazing to think back to the roots of the tablet -- it's worth reading Harry McCracken's post on "The iPad. Of 2000. As Envisioned in 1988," in which he compares what some keen, contest-winning students in the late 80s told Apple a tablet launched in the year 2000 should do.

This Youtube video on Project 2000 (1988) from Apple is worth revisiting:

After reading McCraken's article, I can't help but still ponder whether the iPad is truly the "game-changer" that many imagine it to be. Sure, it looks cool -- the large screen is certainly a great asset for eBooks and eReading, amongst other things.

But, in 2010, long after the y2K mark, does the iPad really deliver on the tablet promise?

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